Fuego En La Oscuridad

An American wakes up in a hospital in Tijuana. He does not remember his name or how he got there. In addition, it lacks personal documentation. The police begin to investigate and immediately, the agent Diego Salas, suspects that he is hiding something. Meanwhile, the man begins to suffer some strange nightmares in which a dark past is glimpsed.

Thanks to Lucía, a nursing assistant, secretly recomposes her last steps in the Mexican city in search of the spark she needs to heal. However, it is urgent for a man to remember because he feels that the encirclement is narrowing. He senses that it is dangerous to remain in the police’s crosshairs for longer. But will he be able to assimilate the truth of his murky past?

«Fuego en la oscuridad» is a novel full of suspense that gives off the aroma of the mythical American hard boiled genre .


    Una novela entretenida llena de acción, traiciones, ajuste de cuentas y asesinatos por encargo. Para mi gusto está muy bien escrita de excelente argumento y lo principal que entretiene mucho al lector.


    Está bien escrita, buen ritmo y buen argumento.


    Me gusto

    Fritz Mendez

    Es un thriller bastante convencional pero está bien llevado, mantiene el interés hasta el final y tiene momentos bien logrados aunque algunos personajes resultan un poco estereotipados en exceso. Interesante lectura